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3 April 2020: Update on Covid-19

In accordance with government recommendations, FH JOANNEUM is extending the current COVID-19 measures until at least 17 May 2020. Course teaching and examinations will continue to be online until 17 May 2020, if not later. FH JOANNEUM will inform you by early May at the latest about further plans for possible attendance dates during the rest of the semester.

On this note, the option of online examinations was introduced. Furthermore, it is planned to extend the summer semester 2020 to July and September so that, in exceptional cases, coursework, in particular practical exercises and examinations, can be completed.

Students who have been called up for alternative civilian or militia service are freed from the obligation to attend online teaching, and may postpone their examinations to the end of the summer semester 2021. The respective guidelines, and further information for students about studying during COVID-19, as well as online teaching and exams, and tips for online study, are published here.

The coming Holy Week will be a university holiday, and FH JOANNEUM will close during this period. No online teaching will be held during this week.

We hope you enjoy Easter!! Stay healthy!

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